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Patrol Pathfinders (S3 E10)

Is this the toughest but also the most exciting training course the Canadian Army has to offer? Listen in and be the judge!

Canadian Rangers (S3 E9)

Forest Fires, floods, pandemics and so much more - the Canadian Rangers can be relied upon to help Canadians during their times of need.

Command and Control 2.0 - Digitally Armed (S3 E8)

Command and Control is both the glue that holds the Army together and the grease that makes all its parts work together efficiently and effectively. Now, major upgrades are on the way.

Snipers (S3 E7)

Two soldiers spend several hours stealthily reaching their vantage point. And then after long and careful observation, a rifle is aimed, and a shot rings out. But there’s much more to being a sniper than that, as we’ll find out.

A Black Woman in Uniform: Her Soldier Story (S3 E6)

While soldiers share much in common, every soldier’s career can have its unique challenges. That can be particularly true if you’re a woman of colour.

Medics (S3 E5)

Find out what Medics do and why they are called 'Doc'!

Basic Training and Beyond (S3 E4)

So what happens when you join up and go through basic training?

Army Reserve Individual Readiness (S3 E3)

There are new standards for individual readiness in the Canadian Army Reserve.

Matsimus | Social Media Soldier (S3 E2)

An artillery soldier has become a big success on social media.

Future of the Army (S3 E1)

The Acting Army Commander MGen Michel-Henri St-Louis is all fired up about “what’s next” for the Canadian Army.

Podcast Extra | Fall Schedule (S2 E14)

Find out what podcasts we are working on! We have lots of cool topics planned for the months to come.

The Digital Army (S2 E13)

Improving the Canadian Army's digital culture is more than just using the latest technology or the best software. The Army recognizes that it needs to become more "Digital", but what does that mean and why? Lieutenant-Colonels Chris Marshall and Tom McMullen explain what the Army is doing to address this gap and how soldiers can get involved.

Major Changes to Training (S2 E12)

Significant changes have been made to training in the Army. These changes apply to both the Regular and Reserve Forces.

The Last Frontier | A Northern Posting (S2 E11)

What's life like for a soldier who is posted North of Sixty? In this episode, Captain Orton brings you stories from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and the land that stretches beyond it.

Combat Divers (S2 E10)

If falling backwards in full diving gear off a boat speeding down a cold river sounds like fun to you, maybe you should consider becoming a Combat Diver. Listen in to learn about the many different tasks Combat Divers perform.

U.S. Army Exchange Officer (S2 E9)

Exchange officers are sent to serve a tour of duty with another country’s military. The Canadian Army both sends and receives a number of these officers each year. We speak with one from the United States Army to find out about his experiences as an exchange officer in Canada and also what his training and career has been like in the USA.

In the Reserves: One soldier's story (S2 E8)

What’s it like to be a young Reservist? We’ll hear from a member who’s living that experience. He’ll also tell us how a summer program was helpful to both his personal and professional development and his pocketbook.

Electronic Warfare (S2 E7)

Using computerized jujitsu to turn an enemy’s communications against them, tracking their troops with the scantiest of signals, it’s all part of the world of electronic warfare. INVENI ET USURPA or FIND AND EXPLOIT this podcast!

Assault Pioneers (S2 E6)

Assault Pioneers are sometimes informally referred to as Lumberjack Commandos. They have a set of skills that were part of the Army's capabilities a couple of decades ago. And now, those skills have been brought back and assigned to both the Regular and Reserve Force. What do Assault Pioneers do and how are they trained? That's the subject of this episode.

Arctic Training (S2 E5)

Soldiers in Canada’s Arctic face special challenges of climate and geography that affect operations, supply chains – let alone the ability to just actually survive. Members of the Arctic Response Company Group regularly train to overcome those challenges.

Operation UNIFIER (S2 E4)

Canadian soldiers continue to be deployed on a number of international operations, including Operation UNIFIER. Op UNIFIER is the Canadian contribution to a multi-national effort to provide military training and capacity-building in Ukraine.

Special Forces | CANSOFCOM (S2 E3)

Soldiers covertly stacking up against walls in the dead of night, breaching doors, while wearing night vision goggles and pointing lasers at their targets – that’s what comes to mind when thinking about the Special Forces. There is a lot more to the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. BREACHER UP!

Training to Deploy | Peace Support Training Centre (S2 E2)

When our soldiers prepare to deploy to places such as Mali, Congo or Sudan, they go for training at the Canadian Army’s Peace Support Training Centre which is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario. Join us for a discussion about what PSTC has to offer to Canadian Armed Forces members.

Do the Right Thing on Social Media (S2 E1)

Host Captain Adam Orton and his guest have a frank discussion about social media etiquette and how to stay out of trouble.

One Corporal’s Journey (S1 E15)

From armoured to U.S. Ranger trainee to photographer, Cpl Morgan LeBlanc has had an interesting time in uniform. He tells us all about it.

A Career in the Artillery (S1 E14)

Colonel Marie-Christine Harvey has spent most of her 24 year career in uniform working in the artillery trade. Currently, she is G3 head of operations at Army Headquarters. She tells us why the artillery is a challenging but rewarding career choice that prepares you for virtually any task.

Junior Army Officers (S1 E13)

So you decide to join the Army and become a junior officer. What’s that like? Is it what you thought it would be? We find out from one young soldier’s perspective. 2Lt Michelle Evans is our guest.

National Silver Cross Mother (S1 E12)

Each year, from among those who have lost a son or daughter during active military operations, the Canadian Legion selects a National Silver Cross Mother. Reine Sampson Dawe, the 2019 National Silver Cross Mother, is our podcast guest.

Get Out and Ruck March! (S1 E11)

Soldier first is a term we throw around a lot, but are you willing to throw on a ruck and go for a walk “for fun” after the day’s training is over? For more than 3000 military members, the answer is “yes!”

Role of the Chaplain (S1 E10)

“Go tell it to the padre“, is something many soldiers have heard over the course of their career at some point. The role of chaplains in the Canadian Army is a simple, yet at the same time, often complex one that has helped many soldiers through difficult times.

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