A Career in the Artillery (S1 E14)

Colonel Marie-Christine Harvey has spent most of her 24 year career in uniform working in the artillery trade. Currently, she is G3 head of operations at Army Headquarters. She tells us why the artillery is a challenging but rewarding career choice that prepares you for virtually any task.
Colonel Marie-Christine Harvey talks about her time as a forward observer working with gun crews, her tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan as well as her various leadership experiences in the artillery trade and in the Army.

Find out more about an Artillery Officer career: https://forces.ca/en/career/artillery-officer/

At 2:40 Colonel Harvey intended to say “Headquarters and Services” rather than “Headquarters and Sigs”.

FOO - Forward Observation Officer (Guns)
JTAC - Joint Terminal Attack Controller (Air Support)

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Host: Capt Adam Orton

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